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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Old Junk Trunk on Etsy

♥Curated vintage shop finds to rare antiques, The Old Junk Trunk is bursting with affordable items that simply take your breath away.Unique antique vintage jewelry to rare home accessories, there's something for everyone! Each item is priced affordably so that you can indulge in the timelessness of vintage and share it with those you love! 

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Sparkly vintage treasures in my trunk, Lost vintage for sale.

As a shop owner, I take great pains to fill my shop with only the finest vintage antiques, collectibles and antique jewelry that I can find. You will find that each one of my items each has its' own tale to be told. Each one of my items makes exceptional pieces for your home or for gifting to others. The gift of vintage truly is the gift of a lifetime. 

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Uncovering vintage finds and rare antiques.

My love affair with vintage antique jewelry and collectibles started long ago. Growing up, antique goods and vintage-wear took precedence over commercially bought items. While some kids took pleasure in picking out a plastic concoction from a toy store, there was nothing more precious to me than choosing my favorite items from a vintage or thrift store. To me, there is simply something so magical about uncovering a rare vintage antique that someone, somewhere, used to love. As a parent, I have raised my kids to recognize the same value in vintage antiques and collectibles. Today, "The Old Junk Trunk" is truly a family affair. Let our family fill your home with antique and vintage finds that are sure to bring the beauty of a bygone era back to life.

Distinctive Vintage Jewels to add character.

When it comes to dressing, there simply is no better styling option than adorning yourself with antique vintage jewelry. Antique vintage jewelry adds depths of character and eternal beauty to whatever you wear. It is distinctive, trendy and easily accessible. At "The Old Junk Trunk", I pride myself on my ever-growing collection of classic and perpetual pieces of vintage antique jewelry that will add style and sophistication to your wardrobe. I also carry an impressive line of home accent pieces, rare vintage goods and collectibles.



Renaissance Style Colorful Old Vintage Czech Brooch. Art Deco Rhinestone Brooch. Red Czech Glass Brooch. Bohemian Brooch.

This delightful and colorful brooch is "Czech" and features bright colorful rhinestones and czech faceted red glass cabochon stone surrounded with little faux pearls. This brooch has ornate open filigree design in interesting forms. Little handpainted details. Great vintage condition, no wear or very minimal. All working parts.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Etsy Vintage Shop

Treasures in my Trunk on Etsy

As a child, I was surrounded by women who had a penchant for dressing beautifully. My aunts and grandmothers were “fashionistas” well before the term was even a thought. Their beautiful necklaces, brooches and hats always fascinated me. Little did I know that, one day, I would inherit some of their most prized possessions and have the unique opportunity to share them with others. My Etsy shop is filled with fanciful vintage jewelry and antiques from my family to yours. It also is brimming with some of the treasures I have acquired in my various hunts for riches from bygone eras.